We have stopped capturing testing data at a district level. Please check the status of the API endpoints below.


Sometimes, having files in a spreadsheet format is more useful for analysts and scientists. We have provided the files as downloadable csv files as below.

Files available

Latest data from the google sheet (10-20 minutes delayed) is available through the latest end-point. These are the files available

Raw Data

Status Sheet Name Link to CSV Description
:green_heart: raw_data1 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data1.csv Till Apr 19th
:green_heart: raw_data2 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data2.csv Apr 20th to Apr 26th
:green_heart: raw_data3 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data3.csv Apr 27th to May 9th
:green_heart: raw_data4 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data4.csv May 10th to May 23rd
:green_heart: raw_data5 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data5.csv May 24th to Jun 4th
:green_heart: raw_data6 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data6.csv Jun 05th to Jun 19th
:green_heart: raw_data7 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data7.csv Jun 20th to Jun 30th
:green_heart: raw_data8 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data8.csv Jul 01st to Jul 7th
:green_heart: raw_data9 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data9.csv Jul 08th to Jul 13th
:green_heart: raw_data10 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data10.csv Jul 14th to Jul 17th
:green_heart: raw_data11 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data11.csv Jul 18th to Jul 22nd
:green_heart: raw_data12 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data12.csv Jul 23th to Aug 06th
:green_heart: raw_data13 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data13.csv Aug 07th to Aug 21st
:green_heart: raw_data14 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data14.csv Aug 22nd to Sep 05th
:green_heart: raw_data15 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data15.csv Sep 06th to Sep 21st
:green_heart: raw_data16 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data16.csv Sep 22nd to Oct 08th
:green_heart: raw_data17 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data17.csv Oct 09th to Oct 26th
:green_heart: raw_data18 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data18.csv Oct 27th to Nov 12th
:green_heart: raw_data19 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data19.csv Nov 13th to Nov 30th
:green_heart: raw_data20 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data20.csv Dec 01st to Dec 19th
:green_heart: raw_data21 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data21.csv Dec 20th to Jan 08th
:green_heart: raw_data22 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data22.csv Jan 09th to Jan 31st
:green_heart: raw_data23 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data23.csv Feb 01st to Feb 27st
:green_heart: raw_data24 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data24.csv Feb 28th to Mar 31st
:green_heart: raw_data25 https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data25.csv Apr 01st onwards

Other Sheets

Status Sheet Name Link to CSV Description  
:green_heart: case_time_series https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/case_time_series.csv Time series of Confirmed, Recovered and Deceased cases in India  
:green_heart: state_wise https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/state_wise.csv The latest State-wise situation  
:green_heart: district_wise https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/district_wise.csv The latest District-wise situation  
:green_heart: state_wise_daily https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/state_wise_daily.csv Statewise timeseries of Confirmed, Recovered and Deceased numbers.  
:green_heart: states https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/states.csv Statewise timeseries of Confirmed, Recovered and Deceased numbers in long format  
:green_heart: districts https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/districts.csv Districtwise timeseries of Confirmed, Recovered and Deceased numbers in long format  
:green_heart: statewise_tested_numbers_data https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/statewise_tested_numbers_data.csv Number of tests conducted in each state, ventilators ,hospital bed occupany reported in state bulletins  
:green_heart: tested_numbers_icmr_data https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/tested_numbers_icmr_data.csv Number of tests reported by ICMR  
:green_heart: icmr_labs_statewise https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/icmr_labs_statewise.csv Number of Labs in each state as per ICMR  
:green_heart: sources_list https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/sources_list.csv List of sources that we are using.  
:green_heart: rtpcr_samples_collected http://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/icmr_rtpcr_tests_daily.csv Number of RTPCR samples collected statewise in ICMR Application  
:green_heart: vaccine_doses_administered_statewise http://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/vaccine_doses_statewise.csv Number of vaccine doses administered statewise  
:green_heart: cowin_vaccine_data_statewise http://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/cowin_vaccine_data_statewise.csv Key data points from CoWin database at a state level  
:green_heart: cowin_vaccine_data_districtwise http://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/cowin_vaccine_data_districtwise.csv Key data points from CoWin database at a district level  


How to

If you prefer working on a Google Sheet instead of downloading the files and would like the data to reflect the latest version - below is an example to live fetch this CSV to a spreadsheet.

:rocket: Quick example : Apply the formula =IMPORTDATA("https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/state_wise.csv") in A1 cell of a Google Sheets to get the state data for analysis :)


A more detailed note of the columns present in the data may be found in the json documentation