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About Raw Data

Due to the growing size of the raw data, and the fact that regions like DL, MH, TG are only providing district level information, we have made a change in our data collection. Now, raw data is available in three parts :

api.covid19india.org/raw_data1.json (Data till EoD Apr 19th)
api.covid19india.org/raw_data2.json (Data till EoD Apr 26th)
api.covid19india.org/raw_data3.json (Data till EoD May 09th)
api.covid19india.org/raw_data4.json (Data till EoD May 23rd)
api.covid19india.org/raw_data5.json (Live 🚀)

Also, there are some structural difference since raw_data3.json : When a new report/bulletin is released from a state regarding confirmed cases :

  1. If patient level information is available (from several states like KA,KL,BH etc.), that is captured.
  2. If only districtwise information is available, one row is entered for each district, and “numcases” field mentions the number of cases in that district
  3. If only statewise information is available, one row is added added for the entire state (DL 👀)

  4. Recoveries and Deceased information is also available through raw_data3.json now. Use the “Current Status” field to extract that information.

All other aggregate APIs retain the same behaviour. CSV files for the same are also available through api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/raw_data{n}.csv

We are working on providing a singular raw_data that can be the source of truth. However, we strongly advise you to use the aggrgate information for any analysis.


Status Data URL
:green_heart: Patient Level : Raw Data Partition 1 (Till Apr 19) https://api.covid19india.org/raw_data1.json
:green_heart: Patient Level : Raw Data Partition 2 (From Apr 20 to Apr 26) https://api.covid19india.org/raw_data2.json
:green_heart: Patient Level : Raw Data Partition 3 (From Apr 27 to May 09) https://api.covid19india.org/raw_data3.json
:green_heart: Patient Level : Raw Data Partition 4 (From May 10 to May 23) https://api.covid19india.org/raw_data4.json
:green_heart: Patient Level : Raw Data Partition 5 (From May 24 onwards) https://api.covid19india.org/raw_data5.json
:green_heart: National Level :Time series, State-wise stats and Test counts https://api.covid19india.org/data.json
:green_heart: State Level : has district-wise info https://api.covid19india.org/state_district_wise.json
:green_heart: State Level : has district-wise info V2 (minor difference in structure) https://api.covid19india.org/v2/state_district_wise.json
:green_heart: State Level : Daily changes https://api.covid19india.org/states_daily.json
:green_heart: State Level : Testing data https://api.covid19india.org/state_test_data.json
:green_heart: District Level : Daily changes https://api.covid19india.org/districts_daily.json
:green_heart: District Level : Zones https://api.covid19india.org/zones.json
:green_heart: Essentials and resources https://api.covid19india.org/resources/resources.json
:end: Raw Data (Partition 1 + Partition 2. Frozen after Apr 26th) https://api.covid19india.org/raw_data.json
:end: Deaths and Recoveries (Frozen after Apr 26th) https://api.covid19india.org/deaths_recoveries.json
:end: Travel history (No more updated) https://api.covid19india.org/travel_history.json


Sometimes, having files in a spreadsheet format is more useful for analysts and scientists. We have provided the files as downloadable csv files in the following location.

Data URL
Google sheets in CSV https://api.covid19india.org/csv/

:rocket: Quick example : Apply the formula =IMPORTDATA("https://api.covid19india.org/csv/latest/state_wise.csv") in A1 cell of a Google Sheets to get the state data for analysis :)

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